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The 6 Phases of Website Design and Development

Lush Domain's Website Design and Development Process

Producing a quality website design that gets results is not just based on luck. It starts by sitting down with the client to find out about their needs and expectations, and culminates with the launch of the new website. In between there are many different processes involved, but these can be generalised into 6 clear website design processes.

Let’s take a look at how we, at Lush Domain, do it.

Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image

Many things need to be taken into account before we begin to design a successful website, we need to get a feel for you, and your business.

This foundation step is the most important one, because everything else will be built upon it. Having a solid understanding of what your business goals are helps us design a website that can help you to achieve those goals.

As with any plan, a lot of questions will need answers.

What is the purpose of the website?

What do you hope to accomplish with this website?

Who are your target audience?

What kind of information will your visitors be looking for?

Website Design


Information Gathering

Once we have a firm understanding of what is required, we will start to put together a plan of action for your website design. At this point we will begin working on the layout/sitemap for the website.

Website Design



Taking the details you have supplied, we’ll layout a design and implement a logical menu system to make sure your visitors have a positive experience while using your website.

This is also a good time to think about how you will interact with the website and what technologies will be used to build it.

Does the website need constant updating?

Will there be a contact form?

How about a Blog?

Do you need your customers to have access to a forum/support centre?

Will there be an eCommerce section?

Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image
Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image

It’s now time to pull all the information together to determine what the website design should look and feel like. Colour schemes and logos will also play an important role at this stage in the design process.

Your target audience will greatly affect the website design, a formal banking/investment website will be hugely different to a website designed for a local DJ.

During this process we will be working on your new website at a live URL. We do this so that you can play an active role in the design process and give feedback and suggestions as to what you like, or don’t.


Working closely with you like this ensures that you end up with a website design that ticks all your boxes and fulfils your criteria.

Website Design



Once we have a firm website design laid out, the fine tuning can begin. We will begin to place the information you supplied and your images within the website design to create a functional website.

Website Design



We start on the Homepage and then move focus to the interior of the website. Taking care to transfer individual design elements so the website design remains constant.

This is also the time when we will activate the functionality of contact forms and other scripts needed to make the website actually work. All the time working with you to ensure satisfaction.

A successful website design relies on the website designer having a solid understanding on all the latest coding practices, so that your new website is available to the widest audience. Colour contrasts, font sizes and white space all play an important part in how accessible your website will be.

Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image
Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image

At the website design testing and delivery stage we take your new website and transfer it to your own hosting service. This allows us to do the final tweaking of the website so Google and other search engines can find it.

We will also make sure that the website functions properly, the code used to make it validates, and that it displays nicely on a range of current internet browsers and mobile devices.

We will do the final website SEO adjustments to ensure that the website design is indexed as high as possible in the search results. We’ll then liaise with you and take you through the login process to reach the admin area of the website and show you how to add content or make a blog post.

We'll then hand over the keys and you'll be on your way to getting a load more new clients. Clients that were converted from being mere visitors to your website because of a killer website design and great website content provided by you.

Website Design


Testing and Delivery

Not all website designs are created equal!

Some websites are designed to be ‘static’ never changing, just a source of general business information. Others, are designed to be ‘dynamic’ with ever changing content and structure. At Lush Domain we are happy to work with our clients on a continuing basis, dependent on your needs.

Website Design



Maybe you just need the odd security patch applied to your website from time to time, or maybe you need a website that has ever changing content but you have no time to do it yourself. It’s no problem, just drop us a line and let’s have a chat.

Some areas that need regular attention or maintenance include:

  • Regular Back Ups
  • Software Upgrades
  • Additional Functionality Added
  • Blog and Content Writing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Notepad Image
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