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Make content marketing, email and social media work for your business.

There are phrases in business that strike fear into every businessman's heart, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing are but a few. It’s also a fact that all small business owners find themselves doing tasks they are ill prepared for. Often, these tasks are better outsourced to a specialist company, but costs sometimes make this impossible. Online Marketing, or marketing in general is one such area of business that many find daunting. Even though you are in business, often successfully, a lot of people find it difficult to ‘Big Themselves Up’ and promote what they do, and how they do it. Having a solid understanding of how to go about marketing sometimes seems an impossible goal, and because of that it is a task many just ignore.

But, it needn’t be like that. Once you understand the three main areas of marketing that affect local business, you will wonder why you never jumped aboard the marketing train before. So, let’s take a look at how content marketing, email and social media are marketing opportunities, that when made to work together, will give your business the boost it deserves.

We’ll review them, one by one.

Content Marketing

Lush Domain Website Designers in Surrey Typewriter ImageWhat is Content Marketing?

In simple terms, Content Marketing is anything that you write, design or make, that is then used to promote your business in some way.

There are many kinds of content that you could develop to promote your business and to try to boost your business. Some common kinds of content that businesses use to promote themselves include:


  • Blog Posts on a Website
  • Videos on YouTube / Vimo
  • Emails to your Customers
  • Audio and Podcasts
  • Info-Graphics and Presentations
  • Web Pages and Landing Pages
  • Online Advertising


The kind of content created, and the channel used to distribute it, often dictates the audience of that content. It’s worth remembering that not all channels will be suitable for all businesses, you have to base your content, and it’s distribution based on your potential audience.


Some of the more common ways that businesses use to promote their content include:

Newsletters, RSS Feeds, Social Networking, Email Campaigns, Community Groups, Forums, Podcasts, Print / Newspapers, Guest Blog Posting

Why does Content Marketing work?

These days any kind of marketing is about providing ‘value’. Content Marketing works because people are looking for answers to their questions, entertainment or information gathering. If you create content that delivers solutions and offers value, you will soon become known as a leader in your field, at least locally. This, in turn, elevates your businesses credibility and visibility within your niche. Anything you can do that creates a positive connection between your customers and your business, is good for business.

Email marketing


Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Email Marketing Email marketing has changed since the introduction of GDPR. No longer can you send out endless emails to those who have no interest in what you have to offer. Or, worse still, to people who are not even close to your local business catchment area. Email Marketing is still an efficient way to communicate with your clients or customers, but now you have to work smarter.

Email can be used to communicate your content effectively, to send out service announcements, or maybe you have a newsletter that you would like your customers to read. Done correctly, email is also a great medium to nurture sales leads or sales promotions.


Let’s think about the four sections of Email Marketing that will lead to a great Email Marketing Campaign.



Not only do you have to find creative ways to build your email list, but you should also keep it up to date and remove those old contacts that are no longer relevant. An active promotion to gain new emails should always be for-front in your marketing plans. Using your website, blog or social media accounts to gather email addresses from prospective clients and customers is an ongoing process to build your email database.



Not every new email contact will want to receive every email you want to send. New GDPR regulations also make it easy for subscribers to request their details are removed from your database. So, keep the emails you send relevant to the customer. There are many email platforms out there you can use to simplify this task. These platforms help you segment your audience based on many demographic metrics, as well as monitoring the success rate of the emails you send. They measure the open rate and click rates too, so you can monitor the success of your Email Marketing Campaign. Using this data will allow you to continually improve the emails you send out in the future.



Delivering quality content is always important, it’s also important to deliver that content to those who might actually appreciate it. For example, if you run an automotive repair business, your customers who own a diesel engined vehicle, may appreciate an email from you telling them about a new blog post on your website about how a DPF system works. It’s in their interest to know. This kind of email strengthens the relationship between the business and customer, and is a perfect example of how two different marketing techniques work hand in hand..



While it’s important to communicate regularly, don’t fill their mailboxes with unnecessary junk. Keep it relevant, keep it interesting, keep it fresh. It’s always a good idea to continually monitor your Email Marketing Campaigns, keep track of what works, what gets opened, what gets more sales and what makes people unsubscribe. Most Email providers offer systems where you can send different emails to certain groups, test what works, test what gets the best results and track those results.

Social Media Marketing


Lush Domain Website Design in Surrey Social Media MarketingLove it, or loathe it Social Media is here to stay. From a small business perspective it’s the place where your customers are, it’s the place you must be. There are a whole raft of different Social Media Platforms out there, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest are just a few places where your customers hang out. In fact, by 2021 more than half the worlds population are predicted to be using one form of Social Media or another. What’s even more interesting is that according to Ofcom, the average Briton now checks a mobile phone every 12 minutes and is online for 24 hours a week. Which is exactly why your business need to be there.

By nature Social media users are information hungry, after all, that’s the whole point of Social media. Be it a photo, a story, or details of an event, there are people devouring that information all day long.

Posting your content on the various Social Media platforms is a great way to get your information in front of an audience that is already receptive, and with targeted audiences it’s even easier to see results.


To maximize your use of social media channels, follow these best practices:


  • Learn which social media channels your customers prefer, and establish a presence on those preferred platforms.
  • Use social media to distribute content that resides on your blog, YouTube page or other places.
  • Learn what your customers are doing and talking about on social media — before you post your own content out there.
  • Tailor the content you share on social media to your audience, just as you do with email marketing.
  • Always provide quality content: information that is relevant and useful for your target audience.
  • Use social media to grow your email subscriber list.


Each one of these marketing techniques is powerful in it’s own right, but when you bring all three together, and use them in unison your marketing campaign will see results not achieved before. Of course, as with anything you do, you will have to keep the pressure on and maintain the impetus of the marketing campaign to see the best results. In general marketing should be looked at as a long term investment in your companies future.


Let’s take a look at how we can work all three marketing techniques into your next Marketing Campaign:

  1. Create an article or blog post about a topic that your audience/customers/clients would find interesting.
  2. Make a ‘call to action’ at the end of the post with an invitation to sign up to your companies newsletter.
  3. Publish the article/blog post on your website, and at the same time, post it to all your social media channels. Encourage your followers to share the article/blog post and add their comments.
  4. After a couple of weeks adding content to your website and posting it on Social Media use that content in your next newsletter.
  5. Send the newsletter to your email subscribers, and encourage them to join in on your Social Media channels.
  6. If you get any new email subscribers (generated from the blog post or elsewhere) send them a welcome email that provides additional content, and an incentive to connect to you on social media by promising exclusive promotions to followers.

Rinse, and repeat.


Of course, this is only one simple example of how you could begin your next marketing campaign. There are many more to create and explore. You will have to experiment to find out what works, and what doesn’t, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. Marketing takes time, sometimes we get results quickly, sometimes it takes longer. It all depends on what you are offering to your followers, and what you hope to achieve from your Marketing Campaign.

If this all seems a little too much, or you simply don’t have time to set up your own marketing campaign, we would be happy to talk to you about how we could take this task of your desk, and lighten your load a little.


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