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Lush Domain Website Design IN Surrey - 10 SEO Tips
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10 Website SEO tips to get you noticed

These website SEO tips will make a huge difference to to your new website. When a new website launches it can take a while for it to become established and begin to be found by searchers using Google or Bing. If you want to speed up that process there are a number of things you can do to attract search engine traffic.

Follow the 10 Website SEO tips below to set the ball rolling on your new website.

Website SEO Tip

Lush Domain Website Designer Website SEO Tip    number One Image

Website SEO Tips - Target low competition keywords

Keywords or keyword phrases are what search engines use to get an understanding about the content of your webpage. In Google’s eyes, if your website is new, it will have a very low level of authority and value. Even if you are an ‘expert’ in your niche, don’t expect the search engines to know about you. The biggest problem you will face when you are trying to get your pages ranked highly in the search results, is competition. Long established competitors will already be using the most popular, and relevant keywords for your niche. The trick to generating traffic and getting your pages to rank is to be creative in the way you choose your keywords. Choose keywords and phrases that are less competitive.


To find less competitive keywords and phrases you will need to use one of the many free or paid for keyword research tools, a good start would be to use Googles Keyword Planner . Or, the free keyword tool form Wordstream. These tools will show you the level of competition for the keywords you want to use. They will also give you ideas for other keyword terms you may not have even considered for your topic. Using less competitive keywords is a good way to gain organic traffic to your new website, while the website gathers traction. There’s nothing stopping you using more established keywords within your topic at the same time, but optimize your on page SEO for keywords that will give goals that are easier to achieve.

Website SEO Tip

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Website SEO Tips - Put your main keyword in your page’s title tag

When you begin to build your new web page or write a new blog post you will need to decide on what keyword you will use fairly early on. Not only will you have to incorporate that phrase in your topic, but you’ll need to include it in the structure of the page that the search engines use to determine what your topic is all about. Your keyword should be included in the headings on the page, in the ‘title tags’ and the ‘meta description’. It’s also a good idea to include the keyword in the ‘slug’ (URL) for the page.


Including the keyword you want to use in the title tags has been well documented and there is a definite link between keywords in the title tag and search engine rankings, so make sure you do it.

Website SEO Tip

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Website SEO Tips - Write titles for searchers, not search engines 

It’s a bit of a misconception that being ranked No.1 on Google will get you the traffic you need to be successful, sure it helps, but it’s not the be all, and end all of it. People are more critical of what they click on these days, they’ve become ‘tech savvy’. Think about how you use the search results, what kind of result are you most likely to click on. Most likely it will be something that sounds like it will give you the answers to your search queries. Include your keyword or phrase, but write your title for the searcher, not Google. Make it interesting and compelling, make the searcher want to click on it.


For example, if you run a bakery you could write an article or blog topic about how to bake bread.


A great page title to grab attention could go like this….


“How to bake the perfect cob - A great tutorial from our own baker”


Take a look at how your competition are ranking in the search results, often you will get a ‘feel’ for what is working and what isn’t.

Website SEO Tip

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Website SEO Tips - Make sure your title doesn’t get cut off ... 

The real estate Google gives you in the search engine results is limited, so make the most of every opportunity. Although the amount of space you get changes from time to time, it’s best to stick to a well known formula. The best results shown give the searcher all the information they are looking for. With that in mind, if you make your page title and meta description too long they will be ‘cut off’ midway, and maybe you most important keyword will get dropped.


Always make sure your most important keywords are at the beginning, make sure they are relevant, and not too long. Ideally you should keep the page title to about 60 characters and the meta description to 156.


If your page title and / or meta description is too long there is a risk that your click-through rate will be affected, so try to avoid it.

Website SEO Tip

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Website SEO Tips - Don’t put things in the way of your content 

So, you have written a great title and description for your page, and you were rewarded by Google with a high position in the search results. You have now attracted some visitors and they are clicking on your link to find out more information. Don’t make them hunt for the information they need, make it obvious right from the start. Don’t make them scroll half way down the page, past 20 adverts and other useless obstacles, or pop-ups.

Although you can design your web page any way you want to, if you make it difficult for your visitors, Google will know. In general terms, you should try to make sure the important information for the page begins ‘above-the-fold’. In simple terms this means that your visitor should be able to begin reading your article without having to scroll down the page. It’s a good idea to avoid full screen images and advertising that detract from the topic.


To rank well and to keep visitors on your site, give them what they are looking for the moment they land.

Website SEO Tip

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Website SEO Tips - Optimise your images 

An often overlooked SEO opportunity is to fully optimize your images. If you optimize your images completely you will tick many boxes in the SEO checklist and give your web page a real boost in the rankings. Google likes it when websites make it easy for visitors to use a website, and rewards accordingly. There are many benefits of using optimised images on your website, it will make the website load faster and it will make it more accessible to people with impaired vision. But above all, it will tell Google more about your web page and therefore give you more opportunities to rank above your competition.


Reduce file size

By reducing the file size of an image you allow that image to be downloaded faster, thus speeding up the time it takes your website to load in your visitor’s browser. Fast loading websites are key factor for SEO.


Serve appropriately sized images

It’s important to think about the user experience all the time, that means don’t make them wait any longer than they have to for your website to load. As images form an important part of any website you should always serve differently sized images for different devices. A smaller version of the same image for a mobile phone, slightly larger for a tablet, and retina images for Apple products.


Change the file name

This is probably the most over looked opportunity. Ask your self, what makes more sense? DSC2345.jpg or freshly-baked-bread- from-joes-bakery.jpg. Give search engines a helping hand to understand what your image is all about.


Utilize the alt tags

Alt tags help Google understand what your image is about. It’s also used on your website to display where your image once was, in the event that the image is no longer available for some reason. Describe what your image is all about <img src=“fresh-bread-from-our-oven.png” alt=“delicious freshly baked homemade bread” />


Utilize the title tags

While image title tags don’t have a direct impact on SEO, they do enhance the overall user experience, so use them. They tell the visitor more information about the image as the mouse pointer hovers over the image.

<img src=“fresh-bread-from-our-oven.png” alt=“delicious freshly baked homemade bread”  title="We baked this tasty bread in our new Turbo 2000 Bread Oven"/>


Properly optimized images are a great way to get your products in front of more searchers. A lot of people search for products by doing an image search, rather than a traditional kind of search. If you have taken advantage of all the SEO tips to rank your images you’ll get your products in front of more people.

Website SEO Tip

Lush Domain Website Designer Website SEO Tip Number Seven Image

Website SEO Tips - Use accelerated mobile pages (AMP) 

The number one SEO technique is to make your website load fast over a mobile network. This has become so important to the search engines that they now employ a ‘mobile first’ mentality. Basically, this means that if you have not bothered to think about how your visitors will view your website over a 2G network, you won’t get listed, even if your website loads quickly on your DSL connection at home. Mobile speed is a key factor in the ranking algorithms.


Modern websites are usually designed to ‘look good’ on all mobile devices by using special code to distinguish the screen size of the device that is being used to view the website, then serving a modified structure to that device. The problem with that is the amount of data (time taken) is often the same as it would be on a laptop. Which is not ideal as often the mobile device will be operating on a slower connection, although with 4G and the new 5G this should not be a huge issue.


To combat this situation Google have developed a new system, known as Accelerated Mobile Pages, AMP.

This system creates a super lightweight version of your website specifically for mobile devices, that loads very quickly. If you use AMP for your website there is a good chance your website will rank higher than your competition in mobile searches. Considering more web searches are now made by a mobile device than on a desktop, that’s a huge chunk of traffic to gain.

Website SEO Tip

Lush Domain Website Designer Website SEO Tip Number Eight Image

Website SEO Tips - Keep your website fresh 

If you take a close look at the search results you get when you make a search, you will notice that many of the top performers are ones that produce regular fresh content. As far as the search engines are concerned, content is king! Gone are the days of minimalist, one page websites. If you are serious about achieving the top spot, you’d better get your thinking cap on and find creative ways to put your products ahead of the competition.


Every website should have a blog and add to it regularly, the more articles you write, the more information there is for Google to pick up on. Blog posts and articles also give you an opportunity to link to products and boost sales by sending them to buy the product you have just written about.


You could write a review for a product you sell. Or, write a how-to for that product. Maybe you could write about how that product was used to solve a problem or give some information about some kind of related topic. No matter your niche, regular, updated content is always a winning formula.

Website SEO Tip

Lush Domain Website Designer Website SEO Tip Number Nine Image

Website SEO Tips - Add internal links

A well constructed website will use ‘links’ to other content within that website to help visitors find out more. In SEO terms we refer to the benefit it gives you as ‘link juice’. For example, if you have one page that is ranking well in google, you can pass on some of that ranking power by creating a link to a similar page that is not performing so well. But, be careful, links should be relevant and flow naturally. It’s also a good idea to limit your links, so that you don’t dilute that juice too much. Good quality links to relevant topics are rewarded.

Website SEO Tip

Lush Domain Website Designer Website SEO Tip Number Ten Image

Website SEO Tips - Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console 

Once you have made your website, added the content, setup the menus and interlinked the pages, it’s time to make a ‘sitemap’. A site map is like a plan of your website that tells the search engines all about your website. The sitemap helps Google index all your pages, content and images. This is how your webpages get listed in the search results.


Once you have your sitemap you need to tell Google, Bing and all the other search engines where it is. Google’s Search Console and Bing’s Webmaster Tools are your two best friends. Create accounts, these are free, and upload your sitemap URL. Over the next day or so your website will be crawled and you should be able to find it online in the search results. Sometimes it can take a while, but if you have quality content you will see results. Google and Bing will use your sitemap to periodically check for new content so it’s important to keep it updated.


 If you have just set up a new website, hopefully the 10 Website SEO tips given in this blog post have shown you some of the ways to help your website start ranking in Google and Bing’s search engine results. But, most importantly, how to get searchers to click through to your site. 

If this all seems a little daunting don’t worry, give us a call or drop us an email, and let’s have a chat about how we can help your website rank above the competition.

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