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Lush Domain Website Designer in Surrey. What is Search Engine Optimization?
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What is Website SEO?

Many people ask us the question, what is website SEO?  Well, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is the process we use to optimize websites so that Google and Bing can find the website easily, know what the website is about, and then list the website in the search results.

If the website is well designed and it’s SEO is optimized, then it should rank close to the top of the results. Although, that being said, this is difficult to guarantee because the search engines keep the algorithms they use to rank websites in the results, a closely guarded secret.

There are generally three specialist SEO areas when we talk about website SEO, they are:

Technical SEO - On Page SEO - Off Site SEO

Lets take a brief look at each SEO Type and find out how we work with them as we design your, SEO Optimized Website:

Technical Website SEO

Technical Website SEO is what we do to a website as we build it to make sure it works and performs as it should. For example, we make sure that we design a website that is responsive and mobile friendly and loads as fast as possible on a mobile device. An example of this, is that when we build a new website for a client, we minimize the number of files that have to be loaded as a website renders in the browser. This reduces the number of times the browser has to communicate with the website, and in turn, that reduces the amount of time the website takes to load.

We’ll also make sure that the website we design can be crawled by google, and therefore be indexed properly. We also make sure that the website conforms to Google’s security policies and that it has a valid structure that’s easy to navigate around.

All these things not only help Google and Bing to list your website in the search results, but they also make your visitors experience much more enjoyable. We all know, a happy visitor often turns into a returning customer.

Lush Domain Website Designer in Surrey Website SEO
Lush Domain Website Designer in Surrey Website SEO

On Page Website SEO

On Page Website SEO is what we do to each page of a website to make it as Google Friendly as we can. There is a technical aspect to this process as well, we make sure the topic of the page is reflected in the way we describe the page to Google. The ‘title’ tags and ‘headings’ are important here, as well as choosing a good ‘keyword’ strategy for the page. If your are a bakery selling freshly made bread in London, it would be crazy to use keywords for the page like ‘Scotland’s finest sausages’.

Local SEO also plays a part in On Page SEO. Most businesses that look to us to design a website for them are ‘local’, this does not mean they are local to our offices, but rather they have ‘Local Clients and Visitors’. When we look to optimize a website page for SEO we think about who will be looking for this product? Where will they be coming from? And, what will they expect from this website? We think about how you would look for our product, ‘hair salon near me’, ‘pharmacy in London’ and ‘I need a car battery’ are phrases we all use to search for the things we need. Local SEO makes it easy for your ‘local’ customers to find you in amongst your competitors.

Off Site Website SEO

Off Site Website SEO refers to everything else you can do to give your new website authority and reputation. The bulk of this kind of SEO activity revolves around establishing your self as an authority in your field. This all starts by filling your website with quality information your visitors will love. If you build this kind of website, and fill it with loads of quality content, other websites will want to ‘link’ to you. Just as we have linked to other websites in this article. Quality content also gives you opportunity to reach out to other website owners and ask them to link to you. This is called ‘link-building’. If you are successful in this kind of SEO Optimization, the search engines will see this. They will count the number of links pointing to your website and reward you by assigning a higher level of authority to your website and thereby ranking it above your competitors.

But, be warned, low quality links to your website can harm you as well. Therefore a well thought out strategy of creating killer content and link building is important.

Let’s not forget social media, creating an active online presence is an important factor for any business these days, local or not. A great way to monopolize this is to create an article for your website detailing how you helped someone, or how you solved a problem using XYZ Product. Then linking to it from a post on your Facebook Page, or sending out a Tweet to your followers. Creating content is what it’s all about.

Another angle that many overlook to improve your Off Site SEO, is to seek opportunities to submit a ‘guest post’ to another website’s blog. This may seem counter intuitive at first, but it isn’t. It gives you an opportunity to show your expertise in your niche to a wider audience and gain a valuable link back to your own website for the trouble you took to write an article for that website.

Lush Domain Website Designer in Surrey Website SEO

When you add all these elements of SEO together you end up with a great website that performs and gets you clients.

At Lush Domain we love to give you the building blocks you need to succeed, all of our websites come fully Technically SEO Optimized, and are only waiting for your killer content to bring them to life.

Sometimes it takes a lot more time than we ever thought it would to run our own business. So, taking the time to sit down and write a great article for our website is often bottom of our ‘to do’ list. We get that, so we also offer our clients the opportunity to take a back seat, and let us create that content for you. Contact us to find out how we can help you add SEO Optimized content to your website so you can become that expert in your field and keep one step ahead of the competition.


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