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GM Vehicle Services


06 January 2020


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GM Vehicle Services

A nice website for a client who did not have a previous website for his business. This website is based on our favorite framework, Joomla. As well as giving loads of information about their services, there is an addictive water feature on the main image at the top of the home page. Effects like this all go towards making the website memorable for the visitors and improves the chances of a re-visit.

As with all of our projects, we pay attention to the small details that gets us the results our clients demand. Our client at GM Vehicle Services offers speciality repairs to classic cars, and he wanted to focus on that. So we tweaked the code of the website to encourage Google to list his website for this keyword phrase, in his business area. Paying attention to Google's Local Business algorithm paid dividends on this project.

Well optimized pages for Google help to ensure this website is constantly on page one of Google's search results for the keywords being searched for. Speak to us to find out how we can get your website on page one of Google.

Lush Domain Website Designer in Surrey - GM Vehicle Services Project's 1st Page Google Result
Google search results taken on 22nd February 2020 for gmvehicleservices.co.uk
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